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Domestic and International Shipping Procedures

Domestic Shipping - Contiguous United States

Abney Catahoulas charges $425.00 to ship puppies anywhere within the Contiguous United States. We prefer to use United Airlines whenever possible, but will use alternate airlines if required. Ground Shipping is available on request.

United Airlines is currently the only airlines with climate controls in the baggage area. This permits the animal to fly regardless of ambient temperature, and provided a suitable transfer may be made within 45 minutes when temperature restrictions apply.

Shipping charges include: Transportation costs (Airline ticket or Ground Transport), shipping crate, first series of vaccinations, a veterinarian health certificate, one pound of food currently being fed, round trip travel to the airport, toll and parking fees.

Airline Companies predetermine which airports they will access for the shipping of animals. You may have to travel beyond the airport that is closest to you. We will make every effort to accomodate you, but we must abide by Federal Aviation Administration Policy.

The following applies to puppies shipped within the contiguous United States.

  • Puppies must be a minimum of eight weeks of age on the day of travel.
  • All puppies must have had a Puppy Vaccination at six weeks of age.
  • Each puppy being shipped must be accompanied by a Veterinary Health Certificate issued within 10 days of the day of travel.
  • The travel crate must be vented on all four sides, and afford adequate room for the puppy to stand and turn around without hitting its head on the top of the crate, plus an additional 1 inch.
  • The travel crate must have proper labeling.
  • The travel crate must have abdorbent paper inside.
  • There must be two detachable bowls attached to the door of the crate.
  • The airlines prefer to see a small bag of food for the puppy in the event the flight is delayed. (Not a Requirement)
  • A System-Wide Embargo is in place for all airlines, except Continental Airlines, restricting the shipping of animals when temperatures are above 85 degrees or below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Veterinarians may sign an acclimation certificate assuring that the puppy can make the transition in lower temperatures; however, most veterinarians will not sign a certificate for temperatures below 20 degrees.
  • A puppy is allowed to fly in the cabin with a passenger, provided the puppy is small enough to travel in a Sherpa bag, and fit under the seat in the passenger cabin.
  • Older puppies and adults require larger crates, and increase the cost of shipping.

Ground Shipping - Eastern United States

Ground shipping costs are competitive with those of the airlines. We utilize Cajun Pet Express in our ground shipping. Ground shipping may take between 1 and 5 days prior to arrival, and shipping must coincide with the Cajun Pet Express route schedule. This transportation service is equipped with crates, heating and air conditioning for the comfort and safety of the animals being transported. The owner/driver is a very responsible person who is also a breeder and understands the importance and well-being of each animal in his care.

International Shipping - Including Alaska and Hawaiig


Domestic Shipping Rules apply, plus,

  • The travel crate must be vented on all four sides, and afford adequate room for the puppy to stand and turn around without hitting its head on the top of the crate, plus an additional 3 inchs.
  • International shipping costs will vary with each country.
  • Clients must make prior arrangements with their authorities for import regulations and possible quarantine procedures. These regulations are generally determined by the Department of Agriculture.
  • Clients are responsible for all costs in advance of shipping arrangements.
  • Precautions must be taken to shorten all connecting flights as much as possible. This may require you to meet the flight at a time and place that could be inconvenient for you. We will try our best to accommodate your schedule, but the puppy's health and safety are our main concern.

We have placed dogs all over the Continental United States as well as Hawaii, Alaska, Brazil, Canada, Holland, Finland, Philippines, Cuba, France, and Germany.

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